The toy trucks

Memphis combo The Toy Trucks... Led by ex-Reigning Sound member Jeremy Scott, the group — which also includes guitarist Dylan Cranmer, bassist Ryno Hanson and drummer Steve Barnat — have crafted a killer full-length debut for the local Black and Wyatt label that bears the influence of everything from Del Shannon to the Rascals, from garage to punk to power pop and beyond.
— Commercial Appeal
Photo Credit: George Hancock

Photo Credit: George Hancock


The Toy Trucks are collectively 180+ years old and are fueled by equal parts cheap beer, cheap thrills and Cheap Trick. Over the band’s multi-year existence, songwriter/leader Jeremy Scott (ex-Reigning Sound) has developed an “anything but another crappy love song” ethos which has resulted in the songs on the band’s first full-length, Rockets Bells and Poetry. (“We stole the title from Mama Cass Elliott,” Scott explains.) Over the course of said album, the band (Scott, guitarist Dylan Cranmer, bassist Ryno Hanson and drummer Steve Barnat) prove conversant with, among other things, Rascals-like blue-eyed grooves (Don’t Be So Easy), grisly true crime balladry (57 Bayview), updated Del Shannonesque psychodrama (Hot Tears) and honest flat out rock and roll (I’m on the Dish But I Ain’t No Rag). As both a stand-alone statement and a teaser for the band’s revved up live show, Rockets Bells and Poetry should satisfy anyone’s rock/garage/power-pop itch quite nicely.


The Toy Trucks bring us a fine ol’ taste of Memphis cynicism

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