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Black & Wyatt Records kicked off its first record release party with a full length 12 inch vinyl gatefold (and live performance) of FINGERS LIKE SATURN, a Memphis rock & roll band from 2006-2008. Original members on the recording are George Cole (Distemper, Pig Star, Rockroaches), Steve Selvidge (Bash & Pop, Big Ass Truck, Sons of MudBoy), Suzi Hendrix (Viva L’American Deathray Music), Shelby Bryant (The Clears, Cloud Wow Music), Jonathan Kirkscey (Mouse Rocket, Memphis Symphony) Mike McCarthy (Distemper, Nehilistics) and singer Cori Dials (The Splints, Cigarette Girl). The line-up for this show featured Jeff “Bunny” Dutton on lead and Aaron Brame on keys. The Faces cover band THE RODULATORS opened at 7:30 p.m. sharp with FLS hitting the stage at 8 p.m. The 8 song LP includes a bonus download card with 41 demos and live recordings!

“On December 30th 1986 when Stephen Selvidge was fourteen he joined Mike McCarthy and George Cole on stage at the Antenna Club to sing “Sex, It’s Great!” (George and Mike’s band DISTEMPER were opening for STRANGE FLESH). It was the last DISTEMPER show and not unlike a science fiction convention. Stephen Selvidge became quite gifted as a guitar player but we knew that was going to happen way back at DISTEMPER HOUSE (189 N. Auburndale). Young Selvidge would sit on the couch arm and finger complicated riffs that we still can’t do. George and Mike stopped playing all together in ’92 after their band the ROCKROACHES went nowhere. Fourteen years later they began working on the ROCKROACHES website and realized it was a lousy endnote. Something else needed to happen but the planets had not yet lined up and no one was going back to Mississippi.”

“McCarthy had worked with lots of Memphis musicians in creating his low budget movie soundtracks, but most of those folks had no idea that McCarthy could make a G chord. McCarthy was too self-conscious or intimidated (or maybe too busy) to even try. When Mike and George tried too hard they failed (ROCKROACHES), and when they barely cared (DISTEMPER) they succeeded. McCarthy remembers Sam Phillips addage, “Don’t make it too damn complicated.” Enter Cori Dials, a San Diego born photographer and singer with one eye on the country and one eye on this city who plays bass and sings in the SPLINTS. Cori was dubbed the ‘last starlet’ by McCarthy after she played his character CADAVERA (2006) who is, after all, a ‘bowie frankenstein monster’ with one eye on life and one eye on death. McCarthy asked her not to worry about the bass and just sing songs and she agreed, even if it meant singing “glam crap”. Although the term “late 70’s punk singles” rolls right off the tongue. Meanwhile Joanne Self told McCarthy that her husband Stephen wanted the challenge of playing drums. That same fourteen year old Stephen? Yes, but now he’s going on 34. Stephen would freak us out if he played guitar in FLS, but drums seemed like a perfect fit.”

Mike McCarthy 2007


Fingers Like Saturn ("Six by Six") recorded, mixed, and mastered on a Tascam 38 by Jesse Mansfield at Bar DKDC, Memphis, on Wednesday, October 24th.

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AUDIO Interview

Lead vocalist Cori Dials (aka Betty Butcher) returns to Memphis and is interviewed by Kacky Walton on local radio 'Checking on the Arts' (WKNO) along with guitarist and songwriter Mike McCarthy on the eve of their record release party.

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